L2P Ride Captains 2013

We are pleased to introduce you to the 2013 Ride Captains.  The role of the HotChillee Ride Captain is to mentor and motivate you during the ride, provide assistance for the smooth running of the event, such as but not limited to, directions, peloton etiquette, drink breaks and advice.

The Ride Captains will also be leading the Training Rides so if you are able to make some of these you will get the chance to ask questions and get advice before June.  Dates for the Training Rides can be found on the L2P 2013 Calendar by clicking here.


David Bryant

(aka 'The Bull')

David Bryant

I've been part of the HotChillee family as a Ride Captain for a few years now after having done The London-Paris as part of a team, an individual and Ride Captain.  I've also been in the Ride Captain squad for The Alpine Challenge and I am looking forward to doing the Cape Rouleur for the first time this year.

I'm an Aussie but moved to Europe 15 years ago for the skiing, mountains and the big bike races.  Now living in Kingston in Surrey, married with 3 little kids and training is mostly just commuting miles into London.

I've been riding bikes for years.  Rode to school when I was a lad, now I ride to work - maybe I haven't really grown up.  Ride on road and off road and occasionally on the track.

The challenge of the multi-day and endurance type events is really where my heart is now (criterium and TT racing just hurt too much).

It is a fantastic privilege to be a Ride Captain and support riders in their journey through the UK winter all the way to Paris in June after 3 days in the saddle.  Sharing that few minutes with my journeymen when the Arc de Triomphe comes into view and we roll over the cobbles to the Eiffel Tower for that champagne is a great reason for being a cyclist and especially a Ride Captain.


Juliette Clark

Michael Blann

It is a pleasure to be returning in 2013 as a Ride Captain. As an individual, I participated in The London-Paris in 2010 and 2011 and competed at the inaugural Alpine Challenge in 2010 where I won the pink jersey. 2012 saw my first outing as a Ride Captain, when I was extraordinarily privileged to work with the hand cyclists and support team from Stoke Mandeville and witnessed their incredible journey to Paris. Capping that was a fantastic trip to Annecy on the Alpine Challenge with Group 4; they were truly inspirational. Bring on 2013!

My sporting life began on the cross-country trails as a 'skinny-runner' kid and that endurance base has stood me in good stead in later life. In 1998 I got involved in triathlon through Cancer Research UK after my best friend tragically died aged only 28. Having satiated my need to mark her memory, I found I was hooked and spent a frenetic five years racing triathlon & duathlon all over the world while holding down a full-time job in the City. I represented GB at elite level duathlon and dabbled in longer distance events, including New York and London marathons and Hawaii Ironman. A break from competition followed for a few years thereafter, some of which was forced by injury, but eventually I was drawn back to cycling in 2008 and I'm glad to say I have lost none of my passion for the sport. A move away from London to the East Sussex coast has provided scenic new routes through the countryside and over the South Downs. Having returned to marathon running in 2012, I've ventured this winter into a new challenge, the 'Human Race Off-Road Duathlon Series', where I've been sporting my HotChillee Racing colours with pride and eating a whole lot of mud too!

The atmosphere at HotChillee events is second to none. Friendships are made, dreams are realised and the indomitable spirit of every participant is truly amazing. It will be an honour to share this for another year.


Craig Edwards

Craig Edwards

I was born in Namibia, grew up in South Africa and have spent the last 15 years living in Hermanus working in the Aquaculture industry. Having recently moved to Cape Town, I now own and manage a cycling tour company called Cape Cycle Tours.

I've been cycling for as long as I can remember but only started to take it seriously once I had left school. Married to a very capable cyclist who when the occasion presents itself is one of the most competent and experienced seconds you could hope to find.

This will be my second Cape Rouleur and third HotChillee event as a Ride Captain. The Cape Rouleur will be a warm up for the ABSA Cape Epic - starting exactly one week after the Cape Rouleur finishes. I'm lucky enough to be the sucker who gets to chase "The Bull" around some of the toughest and most beautiful parts of our country as the younger part of our masters team "HotChillee - Infinity".


Andrew Gill

(aka Gilly)

Andrew Gill

Andrew came to cycling following many years on the Rugby field. He immediately fell in love with the sport and soon started to league race for Sigma Sport as well as taking on numerous Tours, Gran Fondos and Sportives around the world. He loves all aspects of cycling and thrives on competitively riding as much as time off the bike, at the coffee stop or sharing a cold beer with team mates.

This will be Andrew's 2nd HotChillee Cape Rouleur.   Andrew will also notch up his 6th London-Paris in 2013, the first dating back to 2004 when it was just 16 riders!  He crowned his cycling career in 2008 when he met his partner, Lizzie, in France while racing the L2P as part of the victorious Glasshouse La Fuga team. Two years later the first L2P baby was born!

Moving forward Andrew continues to juggle an incredibly busy career and family life where his 5 and 3 year old boys keep him on his toes.  Andrew is looking forward to the 2013 season and intends to enjoy the twilight years of his league racing, but is incredibly excited about again being part of the HotChillee family and Ride Captaining the fantastic Cape Rouleur.  No other event has such fantastic spirit, comradery, mix of people and of course amazing host country.  Andrew is looking forward to meeting the 2013 riders, helping them to exceed their Rouleur ambitions and to celebrate their achievements in Cape Town...


Ian Holmes

Ian Holmes

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist from Milton Keynes and father of teenage twin boys. Starting my third year as a Ride Captain, with two London-Paris and three Alpine Challenges behind me, I'm looking forward to 2013 and what lies ahead. With the knowledge of what challenges await me I keep motivated to train even when the weather makes it a bit tricky! Thank you Wattbike!

Looking forward to catching up with HotChillee regulars and meeting new faces as we begin the training rides that help to prepare everyone for the ride to Paris.

As with all the Ride Captains I am here to make your challenge as enjoyable as possible. See you all soon.


Steve Jackson

(aka 'Flash')

Steve Jackson

Father of three boys, owner of seven bikes and keeper of one wife. BMX'er from the 80's and 90's (as witness by L2P Group 1 a couple of years ago on the infamous blowout crash, he still has the skills), now a roadie mostly but can be found at the skate park in Kingston and Teddington dirt jumps on his Standard Shorty BMX every now and then. Etape x 5, Marmotte x 2, Dragon x 6, L2P x 6, Surrey League, Hillingdon, Gorrick 12, no fixed "as never liked coaster brakes way back when" "I like to have a rest every now and then". Maybe trying a bit of track racing...

This will be his 2nd Cape Rouler, 6th London-Paris and 4th as Group 1 Ride Captain. Can be seen most weekends heading out to the hills with fellow Ride Captain Will Watt and the J Express crew.

Steven a Cat 2 racer and member of the HotChillee race team, will be working hard to achieve his goal of a Cat 1 license in 2013 and is over the moon to be given the opportunity again to help and give support on this years HotChillee events. "I am looking forward to witnessing the team tactics out on the racing sections whilst helping all groups, particularly pushing and pulling the fast guys to get them ready during the training rides for what will be the best 3 days of their cycling year!"


David Kirkby

(aka 'Capt')

Daniel Lawrence

This will be my 8th London-Paris and hate to think how many miles in my legs and a few Alpine Challenge events as well.

A father of two young men, a husband with a very understanding wife who knows as much about cycling as most blokes, and a businessman. Love riding with the other Ride Captains as we have become good friends and Jay is my race partner in several events. Love to race under the HotChillee banner.

Just as happy riding a road or mountain bike. David is the old man of the Ride Captain squad, but can still  keep up with the young bucks when required. I enjoy the long events and have some experience about epic days in the saddle so please ask for advice if you're new to long rides.

Australian by nationality and now settled in Surrey.  Goals for the year include a six stage mountain bike race, a winter MTB series and some long distance road events for 2013.

David also started a charity cycling event in Australia called Tour de Kids which has now been running for over 13 years.


Daniel Lawrence

Daniel Lawrence

I was fortunate enough to combine my love of sport with my work as a Sports Physiotherapist in Australia. When an overseas tour was cancelled in 1999 I decided to travel without the team and I am still "planning" my trip home. Once in the UK I found myself riding a bike again. Something I had left on the self-made tracks and roads of my BMX childhood and the torturous exercise bikes from the Rugby gym. I was soon clocking up the miles on my mountain bike and enjoying the challenges of the South Downs Way, 24 hour mountain bike races, and playing on the trails of the Surrey Hills, the French Alps, Peak District and Wales.

My first proper road bike was purchased after a friend suggested doing the Raid Pyrenean and 6 weeks later I was cycling iconic climbs such as Col de Tourmalet and Col D'Aubisque. Since then I have participated in a number of cyclosportives and ridden in the beautiful and imposing surrounds of the French and Italian Alps. I love climbing mountains although my frame is better suited to fast descents!

Now my riding is scheduled around time with my wife, a gorgeous 18 month old daughter and my work as a Clinician and Manager of a busy Physiotherapy Service in London.

This will be my 4th London-Paris and the 2nd as a Ride Captain. In my previous sporting incarnation as a rugby player I could not have imagined the camaraderie amongst cyclists, the friendships made through riding and the generosity of my much more experienced riding buddies.  The London-Paris epitomises all of these things and draws together a diverse group of people working towards an individual goal whilst supporting, encouraging, and challenging each other with the shared purpose of completing this great event. Needless to say, the satisfaction of riding down the Champs Elysees with a fantastic group of people who have tested their limits is very humbling.

I am delighted to be part of the 2013 HotChillee team and look forward to be catching up with old friends and welcoming new faces as we work together to get to Paris.


James Lees

Regular customers at Sigma Sport in Surrey will probably know me better as the small ginger chap. I started working for Sigma in 2001 part time whilst I was at university. I continued to work for Sigma Sport in shop sales and eventually became full time.  I'm now focused on running the web sales department based at the warehouse. I can still be found in the shop from time to time or when the boss lets me out.

I've been a ride captain for 5 years now and loved every minute. I've also dabbled in triathlon and eventually qualified for the world age group world champs in Hawaii in 2005.

In my spare time I spend a lot of time teaching spinning classes most mornings and evenings with classes up to 2 hours none stop. I love going to the cinema, X-BOX and my current restoration project of a BMW E30 convertible, which is my wife's pride and joy especially in the summer.

If you need any help or advice please don't hesitate to ask me.

Happy miles everyone.


Jon Lewis

(aka 'Eddy')

Once again I am privileged to have been called upon to be a Ride Captain for HotChillee, the premier cycling events company.

I know all the Ride Captains hope to be asked to return because we all feel part of a big family, one that keeps growing in strength and numbers. I'm known as a passionate and demonstrative rider but my hard Brydon-esque looks mask my love of the sport and all those willing to push themselves harder and further than most of society. My idea of a good day in the office is for as many riders in my group to have exceeded their own expectations as possible. In short, yes I like the group to ride hard... but only so they can reflect on their own strength, performance and endeavors. This was really borne out in 2012 when Stage 2 of The London-Paris was a nothing short of an armageddon rain-off. Group 2 responded with an effort that could only be matched by the man who's name adorns the Ride Captains bikes... the great Sean Kelly.

All the work that Chain-Reaction-Cycles have done on the Sean Kelly signature bikes paid dividends as we tore through the rain soaked landscape of northern France. Every single rider knew what it was to turn themselves inside out for the ride and I slept happy...

This year will be my sixth London-Paris. The ride I am most excited about being a Ride captain for is the Cape Rouleur, a new addition to the HotChillee global events series. The moments I am most looking forward to are seeing the riders achieve their dreams and hearing from them how their day was won.

See you up the road, Eddy.

HotChillee: L2Px5, ACx1, RCx3. Other Cycling achievements: PBP finisher >70hrs , finalist at World masters track champs x2, Current BC 1st Cat road-man. Qualified coach, mechanic, commissaire. Race promoter and Director of Dreadnought.cc, manufacturer of cycle-wear in Britain.


Ian Lobley

(aka 'Goose')

Ian Lobley

Ian's cycling life began in the 1970's as a Saturday shop boy alongside L2P Chief Mechanic Nigel Hill. Narrowly beating Nigel in a sprint up Eltham High Street led to many years of club racing in Kent and London and some success in 10 mile time trials and cyclocross. A family (including 2 daughters now aged 21 and 19 – who coined the nickname Goose) and a career in Private Equity ensured bike riding was sporadic and weight gain more reliable!

After getting fit to ride the Alps including Alpe D'Huez, The London-Paris has been the cornerstone of Ian's cycling renaissance.  As Ride Captain for the slower groups, he has had the privilege to assist some of the pluckiest and most determined riders reach their goal of Paris for the last 3 years.

As well as The L2P, Ian has ridden various international events including HotChillee's Alpine Challenge in Annecy every year since it began, the 300km Vatternrundan in Sweden (non-stop) and the bike leg of the Henley Ironman. Always looking for an excuse to get dirty, Ian has returned to cyclocross racing after a layoff of 27 years where he competes in various regional league events and is looking forward to getting 50+ veteran status or some new lungs!

In The London-Paris 2013 Ian will be helping some of the less experienced riders get the best out of themselves as well as having lots of fun on the way to Paris. As usual, he will be found mainly at the back of the group giving special encouragement to other riders who also remember the 1960s and/or weigh a bit more than the mountain goats in Group 1!


Martin Markowski

Martin Markowski

Excited by the fact that 2013 means my 4th London-Paris and 2nd year as a Ride Captain. 2012 saw me as the new boy on the team and I was overwhelmed by what an amazing experience it was, backed by great sponsors kit and fellow Ride Captains and back up crew, the feeling of pride in helping encouraging and pushing some amazing people in group 6 to their goals in reaching Paris along with Goose and Dan the man .

I have my own business Bayeux Landscapes where I have toiled in rain or shine for nearly 20 years. I have two young daughters who take up my time along with my work and cycling.

I live in Hastings where I started cycling aged 17 and soon after met Ride Captain Michael Blann and started to train and race with him. I had a bad accident at 18 which took me out of racing for a year. I regained my fitness and moved up to a 1st Cat the following year where racing took me to Germany and Ireland where I rode the Ras - 12 days of rain and pain. This is when I met Stephen Roche in his Fagor World Championship jersey riding a stage up the Wicklow Mountains in the rain where he gave me a few friendly words of encouragement.

In 1989 I moved to France and raced with the UV Aube team in Troyes. I moved back to England in 1990 and after several jobs started landscaping. I then started my own team Bayeux in 1995 and my first race in these colours I won the Perfs Pedal Race. I then raced for several years before hanging up my wheels.

A couple of years later the cycling bug bit again and I started Bayeux Landscapes cycling team and have raced occasionally ever since, usually managing to scrape a win every year.

I can't wait to start the whole party once again in January with all of HotChillee new faces and catch up with familiar friends from last year.


Jay McStay

(aka 'Jedi')

Jay McStay

This will be my 2nd year as a Ride Captain for HotChillee. I feel privileged to be a part of this ever growing family and to ride alongside everyone involved in the events.

Known as Jedi Jay, due to my love for data and performance coaching, I am motivated by helping cyclists achieve their goals and dreams.  Driven by my background in Sport Science and as owner and founder of M1 Performance Coaching I have helped many London-Paris and Alpine Challenge riders improve and hit their goals or simply to finish with enough energy to celebrate!

Road Racing, MTB, Ironman, Duathlon, top 10's in 12/24hr MTB races I've found my calling where my lungs and legs are happiest.  My dream?... to one day complete the Tour Divide from Canada to Mexico.  Part of the first HotChillee crew to tackle the Cape Epic in 2012, the hardest to date, and in 2013 a big goal is tackling the Andalusian 6 day MTB race with my friend, fellow Ride Captain and race partner aka "Captain".

Married to an ever loving and supportive wife with two kids under 4 years old, I'm well aware of how time crunched it can be getting the hours in, with an average of only 7 hours per week it is possible!  No junk miles and making all your training count.

See you at the training rides, come and say hello!


Susannah Osborne


The 2013 London-Paris will be my first outing as a HotChillee Ride Captain. I was first introduced to HotChillee when I was asked to ride and report on the 2012 Alpine Challenge for the Financial Times, through my job as a travel and cycling journalist. It’s a hard life. Really…

Having spent several years road racing and criterium racing in the UK’s Women’s Team Series and National Series races (against some of our Olympic Golden Girls like Dani King and Lizzie Armistead), I thought that my heart lay on the racing scene, chewing my handlebars, riding in to the red and coming away with the occasional win. But now, with two-year-old and four year-year-old daughters, I’ve realised that long distance riding is a great way to escape!

As a rider what impressed me most about HotChillee was the professional set up that’s delivered throughout the events: riding on closed roads with a mechanic, lead car and a medic (not that you’ll need them) is a pretty unique situation and makes for smooth riding.

As a Ride Captain I’m looking forward to meeting, greeting, riding with and motivating you to get to Paris as a team, where the beer will be cold and sweet…


John Sadler

John Sadler

My love of cycling started at a very young age in the mid 80s when I was allowed to stay up late to watch the City Centre Cycling crits that were aired on TV at the time. From this I quickly discovered the Tour de France and the associated dreams and ambitions this gives impressionable young lads. This lead to all paper round money being saved to fund the purchase of my first road racing bike in the early 90s at age 14. Within the next year I'd joined the local Addiscombe Cycling Club and spent the next few summers racing time trials, South East and Surrey league road races and Crystal Palace criteriums.

With many great friends made through the sport, a number of us would head off to southern Spain, the Pyrenees and the French Alps for training and touring several times a year. The touring was a great way to stay in shape when not racing, and a great escape from the series of professional accounting exams I endured in the late 90s. It was at this time a friend and I discovered Annecy completely by chance. We basically picked up a map, spotted a lake near the Alps and headed there. What a stunning sight when we arrived – I went back every summer for the next 4 years!

Exams out of the way I was fully back into racing and enjoyed some of my best seasons, managing to steal a number of results on the local road race scene. I soon moved with a few Addiscombe team mates to the newly formed trisportnews.com racing team. Being surrounded here by triathletes lead me to take up a bit of running, and being hopeless at swimming I dabbled with short triathlons, a few duathlons and managing to win the 'fun' distance race at the London Duathlon. (It wasn't fun, it really hurt..!).

I discovered the HotChillee events on the Apline Challenge in Annecy in September 2011, and was honored to be asked to assist them as Ride Captain for 2012. Just as working commitments (and age!)  were starting prevent the huge commitment needed for high level racing, the long distance HotChillee tour riding came along at the perfect moment, and has since proved to be an incredibly enjoyable way of meeting new people, staying in good shape, and of keeping that childhood dream of the Tour de France alive...!

David Sidgwick

(aka 'Whisk')

David Sidgwick

This will be my 4th London-Paris and my second as part of the Ride Captain team. In 2010 I rode in support of team mates who were riding for the jerseys and in 2011 I was just trying to hang on as the UK Youth and Mavic teams shredded Group 1 through the race sections! Both years the L2P was an amazing experience and I was thrilled to be invited to join the HotChillee Ride Captain team in 2012.

The 2012 HotChillee season was amazing from start to finish. It was fantastic to get to know so many people on the training rides and to see them improve and gain in confidence as the season progressed.  The London-Paris 2013 itself with Group 5 was the icing on the cake (even with the "Great Storm of Day 2 2012"). It was good to help people dig deep and push, pull and encourage them all the way to that magical ride into Paris. I'm really looking forward to the opportunity of helping more people achieve their London-Paris ambitions this time round.

I arrived in cycling from rowing via triathlon. After completing 7 Ironman races, including 3 times at Ironman Lanzarote, I've hung up my wetsuit and running shoes and I'm concentrating on cycling for this year. The years of rowing training mean that I'm a big unit and definitely a "rouleur" rather than a climber - I'm told I'm a good wheel to sit behind into a headwind!

In case you were wondering, the nickname "Whisk" dates back to my rowing days, but anyone who's seen me riding my fixed wheel commuter would probably tell you it applies to my cycling too!

L2P 2013 promises to be the best yet. The journey to Paris should be a good one!


David Thomas

David Thomas

I am delighted to be back as a Ride Captain for HotChillee for another season.  Over the last few years HotChillee events have made many vivid contributions to my cycling memories; desperately clinging on to the bunch in the race sections with Group 1, enjoying breath taking views across alpine valleys filled with cloud, being blown all over the road and lashed by the rain in northern France, the emotional arrival over the cobble stones in Paris.  The thing that really makes all of these memories special are the people that they were shared with and last year I had the enormous honour and pleasure of sharing my experiences with the Stoke Mandeville team including three extraordinary hand cyclists.

Ride Captains fulfil many roles and you will see from all the write-ups here, a huge wealth of cycling knowledge, combined with decades of competition experience within the ranks of the Ride Captains.  My cycling CV is somewhat shorter having found the sport later in life than many here.  My sporting youth was spent in various aquatic pursuits, mostly slalom canoeing and rowing.  This does mean that I'm well placed to provide help and encouragement to any of you who are, like me, older and larger than what would be considered ideal for a cyclist!

Away from the bike, I'm a full-time parent, looking after my two daughters while my very tolerant wife goes out to work.

I look forward to meeting you all on the road soon.


Will Watt

Will Watt

This will be my fifth year as a Ride Captain on The London-Paris, and it will be a great pleasure to work with the HotChillee team again.

I work for Specialized and am responsible for the development and retail design of the bike brand's Concept Stores in this market.

I came to the company through XC mountain bike racing, but now spend most my riding hours on a road bike.

With a great focus on organised training rides in 2013, we look forward to welcoming both newcomers and veterans to The London-Paris during their preparation.

The route to Paris, and the passion and hard work put in by all those working on this event, always serve up an incredibly memorable riding and social experience for all, whatever your cycling back ground.

The Ride Captains for 2013 have a broad base of experience and will aim to help those entering this year's event at every standard to have a great ride and achieve their goals.


David Williams

David Williams

I am a regular face in The London-Paris family, having ridden and crewed on several HotChillee events since 2008.

I am hoping that I will be able to share my past experience with The London Paris 2013 riders to help them get the most out of this fantastic event.

I have a background in event management, organising many different events and was recently involved with the delivery of Skyride in the UK on behalf of Sky/British Cycling.  I am a qualified fitness instructor and in my past life I used to teach aerobics, circuits, body pump and spinning.

I am a keen cyclist, both road and mountain biking and now living every cyclists dream by living and working on the beautiful island of Mallorca running Stephen Roche's cycling holidays in Palm Nova with my wife Tracey.

I fly back every month to take part in the HotChillee training ride series so say hi if you see me!

Being part of The London-Paris experience as Ride Captain is a fantastic opportunity and is like having an extended family.

For me, to ride and meet with a great bunch of people from all walks of life is the best part of the experience.

It will be good to meet back up with regular London-Paris riders who return year after year and to make new friends. I look forward to arriving in Paris and enjoying the spirit of The London-Paris 2013.

Look out for me at the training rides.


Gareth Wilson

Michael Blann

After riding London-Paris as part of the UK Youth Team in 2011, I was invited to join the Ride Captain Development Squad for the HotChillee calendar of events in 2012.  I was a Ride Captain in Group 5 for The London-Paris 2012, and thrilled to have been invited to join the HotChillee Ride Captain team again in 2013.

I grew up in Northern Ireland, studied in Birmingham and have lived and worked in London for the last 20 years.  I am a Managing Director, in Accenture's Financial Services practice.

After playing rugby and hockey at school and university, I came to cycling relatively late, and about 10 years ago started commuting from my home in Kew, South West London into the City, where I work.  I was hooked!

I have since graduated from commuting to cyclosportives, and onto multi-stage endurance road events, like The London-Paris and the Alpine Challenge.

In 2013, I plan to ride the Gran Fondo de Stelvio with 4 of my L2P buddies, primarily as preparation for The London-Paris 2013.  I also enjoy running in Richmond Park, and along the Thames, and try to combine my two passions, by racing Duathlons during the Summer months.

I am married, with 2 teenage daughters, who are now increasingly doing their 'own thing' … giving me more time to get out on my bike at the weekends.

It is a privilege and an honour to be a HotChillee Ride Captain.  I love the camaraderie that we build up as a group of riders throughout the year, from the first training ride in January, to the end of season ride in November, with the actual events obviously being a key highlight.

I look forward to seeing you all on the road.

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