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Nigel Mansel joins L2P team on the Tower to Tower Challenge

Monday 14 May 2012

As complete novices to the sport of cycling we decided to compete in The London-Paris 2011 riding on behalf of our chosen charity UK Youth and enjoyed the event so much that whilst still giddy from finishing (and maybe because of the post race champagne) we decided that due to our new found love of cycling and obviously improved physique! that in 2012 we would extend the challenge and ride from Blackpool Tower to Eiffel Tower via Imber Court and joining the official London-Paris event, again riding on behalf of UK Youth.

So at 07:00am on Monday 18th June our team of Andy Crinson, Paul McCarthy, Dave Hyland and Dane Hyland will depart from Blackpool Tower heading to Imber Court where we plan to arrive at approx 7pm on Wednesday 20th June just in time for Sign On and the pre race pasta party. For the avoidance of doubt we can only be described as complete amateurs at cycling and in truth have not ridden much since we left Paris in June 2011 however the heady mix of a superbly organised  HotChillee cycling event and the chance to raise hopefully considerable funds for UK Youth means that once again the weekends between now and June 18th will see us pedalling furiously around various roads in the North West of England as we attempt to make the huge leap (for us) from Group 5 2011 to Group 4 2012.

Dave, Paul, Andy and Dane


After hearing of our intentions to ride Tower to Tower the President of UK Youth Nigel Mansell CBE has offered to join our team and cycle with us providing much needed support and encourgement. Nigel will commence his ride from John O Groats and meet Andy and team in Blackpool before cycling onwards to Paris. We look forward to welcoming Nigel to Blackpool on the 18th June ready for the cycle to France.

Nigel and Andy at the  finish of The L2P 2011