Coffee Stop

2011 Spring Ride #1 Report by Ride Captains

Thursday 03 February 2011

Last Sunday (30th January 2011) saw the start of the Spring Rides again. Having proved to be a major part of The London-Paris experience, they’re a great way to get your fitness up to scratch and meet some of your fellow riders ahead of June. Here’s what our Ride Captains said:

Group 3 Report
By Ride Captain David Kirkby

Group 3 has three golden rules.

1. Ride like a peloton; be organised ride in pairs and look after each other
2. Start how you intend to finish: don’t ride too hard at the start, pace yourself and finish strong.
3. Look and ride sharp: clean bikes, check your drive train and tyres, and look like a pro.

Great turn out for our large group with a loop around and through Great Windsor Park. A little chilly to start but plenty of sweat and smiles when we finished.

Our pace was a solid winter pace, relaxed mostly with a few harder sections to test the legs. The longer distance saw some minor flagging at the end and ready for our coffee/ lunch stop.

The Doc and James managed the bunch doing most of the hard work, while I set tempo on the front, chatting to different riders as we rolled through.

Some minor problems with punctures (new and checked tyres agreed for next ride) and some greater discretion required for our bathroom (or lack thereof) stop in Windsor Park.

We picked out some great back roads and even had a scenic tour through Wentworth Golf Club on the way back.

75km completed. Working on the long steady ride over the next few months and build in some upper body and core exercise to limit fatigue.

Ride Captains and G3 looking forward to our next ride in February.

Capt Improving weather, with some warming sunshine kept spirits high (maybe it was Spring after all), as the group got to grips with their bunch riding skills. Lots of shouts of ‘pothole’ & ‘car back’, keeping everyone safe.

As the miles clicked by we started to get more strung out as a few inclines tested the early season fitness of a few riders providing useful pointers to the sort of training that needs to be done. A good effort by everyone though kept the group together and pretty soon we were rolling back into Walton & we were home!

The first Spring Ride complete. Well done everyone! Safe miles & see you for Spring Ride #2 in February.