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David Bryant Tests Sportique Skin Care Range

Tuesday 12 April 2011

Ride Captain, David Bryant (The Bull) tests the Sportique performance and endurance skin care range.

I was never one for "faffing" around with creams, oils and rubs but on my first L2P 4 years ago I was rather tender after a couple of days in the saddle. On Stage 2 it was hard to sit and then by Stage 3 if I had not managed to get some chamois cream I doubt the photos in Paris would have had me with a smile on my face.

The Sportique "Century Riding Cream" is definitely my favourite. It's the most comfortable and longest lasting I have used. I have been using it for at least three years now and will rarely go out on a decent ride without applying some to my...well you know where!

I also regularly have a massage these days and insist on using the Sportique products for this as well. The massage oil is great and at the end of a long ride the Cooling Down Cream is absolutely awesome. My recovery is definitely quicker when I use it regularly.

This winter I have used the Get Going Cream and I was surprised how hot it gets. Definitely don't get that one on your...well you know where! And make sure you put it on at least 30 min before to get real benefit.

(Note to self: apply chamois cream first then put the Get Going stuff on!)

Luckily I have not had cause to employ the Road Rash Cream but if the other products are anything to go by, if I "kiss the dirt" I will be giving it a test.

I have also used the sports deodorant from Sportique and love it. No aluminum or other nasty stuff in a pump not aerosol so it's good for you and the environment!