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Wattbike blog: Alpine Challenge here we come!

Monday 12 September 2011

Words by Matt Moran

I had some great feedback via Twitter and Facebook about restarting my training plan and feel really motivated about getting stuck into it. I had planned to do the 3 minutes aerobic test last week to work out my power training zones until my colleagues at Wattbike decided they had other plans for me.

When the email asking me to go to the Alpine Challenge landed in my inbox I was pretty pleased (seeunderstatement in the dictionary). As the day unfolded though I realised I was being coerced into riding it which, as regular blog readers will know, will be a tall order given the amount of training I’ve done recently.

Never one to shirk my responsibilities I’ll be setting off with my colleague next week to take part in The Alpine Challenge. However much my legs may hurt, if the scenery is as good as I have seen on the website and on (the excellent) Climb by Bike then I am in for a real treat.

The itenerary looks perfect, wonderful location, great cycling roads and what looks like great company.

I’ll be blogging from the event so check back here regularly throughout the week to hear how it’s going and I’ll also post some updates on Twitter and Facebook

Now, where are those legs?!?